Andrew Schudlich

Consultant | Chef | Owner

ANDREW SCHUDLICH has been honing his craft in the culinary field for over 30 years.  Andy graduated from Orchard Lake St. Mary and went on to earn a BA from Mercy Hurst University.  Culinarily engaged, he is also endlessly curious about architecture and construction, no till agriculture, restoration of anything with history and the management of people aspiring to a common goal.

Drawing from experience cooking in restaurants, Andy along with his partner, Cammie Buehler, founded Epicure Catering in 2003 and grew it to become an award winning local food focused catering company.  Beginning with kitchen design and build out, Andy collaborated to create a unique commercial kitchen located at the historic Cherry Basket Farm which eventually became a desired venue, in which the pair managed and hosted events.  This dynamic and sought after duo elevated the experience of fine dining and contemporary cuisine sourcing local ingredients and sustainable practices.  They have experience in all aspects of catering; onsite, offsite, personal cheffing, traveling cheffing, cookbook production and have been featured on the cooking channel.

With locally sourced food being a focal point of Andy’s time in the kitchen, he fostered relationships with farmers, herdsman, cheese makers, bakers, and butchers to create the contemporary local cuisine Epicure Catering is known for.

Andy not only has the knowledge of cultivating relationships, sourcing, preparing and serving food he also brings expertise in event production, such as menu development, kitchen set up, along with both time management and people management skills preparing for the event, during the event and post event.  He also brings proficiency in all facets of food logistics such as ordering, procuring, prepping and event day delivery.

As a consultant, Andy is inspired by the spontaneous problem solving and teamwork that goes into any grand culinary event.  In addition to his broad spectrum of skills involving food production, management, planning, implementing and delivering results, he can also offer advice on infrastructure, repair, and maintenance in the construction trades.  Andy has 25 years of hands-on expertise with property management, from seasonal maintenance to rental management.  He can foster your project from idea to completion, or any area in between.

Andy lives in Northport, Michigan with his life partner, Amber Bingham and their dog Juniper.  His time is spent building the foundation for a sustainable, high quality life and community while also chasing anything fishy and spending as much time as possible outside and on the water.