Cocktail Corner | Social Medicine

  1. April 11, 2014

    Our friends at eatdrinkTC  wrote a feature on our friend and beloved Epicure team member Mickey Humpula. Head on over to their blog to catch up on the latest happenings in the Traverse City food scene. Read the post as part of our Cocktail Corner series:

    Mickey Humpula is a bartender at Low Bar in Traverse City and is one of the creative minds behind their custom cocktail menu. He’s led a colorful life that includes 5 years in an ice factory. In addition to tending bar, he’s worked as a farmer, baker, cook and caterer. Mickey rides his bike a lot and dreams of homesteading.

    Mickey and the completed "Social Medicine"

    Mickey and the completed “Social Medicine”

    Mickey named this cocktail “Social Medicine” and prescribes it for increasing sociability and false courage. Find him and his cocktails tonight at Low Bar!

    Social Medicine

    2 slices of lemon
    1 oz Art in the Age of Root
    .75 oz brown sugar simple syrup
    1.5 oz Sparkle Donkey Tequila
    .5 oz Pimms
    6-7 drops house bitters
    6 ice cubes
    4.5 ounces soda water

    Muddle lemons in tumbler. Add all ingredients except for the soda water and shake for ten seconds. Add soda water to tumbler, lightly stir, gently pour into a zombie glass and serve.

     Reposted with permission  from eatdrinkTC. See the original post here.