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Culinary Freelance Services

Cammie with Bobby Dean on set.

Cammie with Alicia Fritz of a Day in May Events.

Top: Cammie with Bobby Dean on set. Bottom: Cammie with Alicia Fritz of A Day in May Events. Jen Kroll Photo. 

Culinary Freelance:

Back of House

Whether you need an extra set of hands to plate for a large event or a private chef to cook for a multi-day fishing trip, Epicure Culinary has the experience and flexibility to offer culinary freelance services in any environment. 

Having worked in just about every facet of restaurant and event industry, Cammie can come alongside your next kitchen-related endeavor with ease. Creating experiences through food and collaboration has led her to work on some incredible and varied projects, like kitchen managing a show on Cooking Channel to working as a private chef in western ski towns (her favorite!). Expertise obtained through these projects has given her a diverse skillset, and a desire to partner on more varied endeavors. She finds the folks she meets along the way to be a source of light and inspiration.

If you need an extra cook or expeditor on your next large event or production assistance for a film, print, or television project, Epicure Culinary might be a great fit.

Epicure Culinary has produced food in office buildings, farm fields, deserts, beaches, art galleries, television and film production sets, on riverbanks, duck clubs, and just about everywhere in between. They offer more than just food production, however.




Culinary Freelance:

Front Of House

Additionally, Epicure Culinary is available as freelance adjunct staff for all facets of catering and event work, from administrative to execution.

Cammie has been the FOH lead on hundreds of events over her career, from intimate dinners to large luxury weddings. With vast Front of House knowledge, Cammie has worked all across the country, seamlessly joining teams and providing leadership where needed. She is uniquely suited to fill holes in house staff or banquet and catering operations management teams. 

Looking for skilled team members to join your next food-related project? Epicure finds the rigors of freelance work to be a welcome challenge. Please contact Epicure Culinary today to learn more about capabilities.

Cammie pouring wine at a Michael Chetcuti Foundation event.

Pouring Baia Rose at a Michael Chetcuti Foundation Event. Fresh Exchange Photo.