Easter Jeep Safari 2013

  1. April 15, 2013










    I am a lucky girl. Sometimes my job takes me to some truly inspiring places. Recently, I had the opportunity to hang out in Moab, UT and cook for an insanely talented group of folks who man the helm (drive the Jeep?) at American Expedition Vehicles¬†(AEV). Every year the week prior to Easter, there is a convergence of the off-road industry in Southeastern Utah. Days are spent testing vehicles, taking faithful customers on guided trail rides and training the newer drivers in the bunch. All of this hot 4 x 4 action can make a person hungry. This is where I come in. In the evenings, delicious dinners are a great way for these guys to unwind, refuel and talk shop. As any awesome day spent out in the fresh air should end, the evenings are spent around the campfire. I spend the week making box lunches, cooking dinners and catching some rays when time allows. It is a privilege to cook for this company, to see the passion they put into their work and the camaraderie they share. It is no wonder their brand is so strong and that they are at the top of their industry. While I was in Moab, my friend who happens to be one of the owners of AEV was doing some daily dispatches for the Detroit Business blog. You can read more from him about the trip here. I would love to thank them again, so …THANK YOU! You guys are the best. Until next year…