Introducing: Cocktail Corner!

  1. May 7, 2013


    As I mentioned in my first post, we will be doing a fair amount of collaborating and tapping into the talent of our amazing friends and family. This is the face of the voice behind the Craft Cocktail Corner. Jen loves her some craft cocktails. She is my big sister and she lives far far away in the land of stupendous food and drink (Portland). This is bad because I wish she lived closer so we could have more face time and share these cocktails together more often (because I, too, love a tasty cocktail). It is also good because I basically have an outpost in a great food city on the west coast whenever I can tear myself away from catering-type duties.

    In her professional life, Jen is a home decor seamstress. You can read more about her and her work here. All that sewing can make a girl thirsty so mixing up whoop-ass cocktails of the utmost deliciousness can be a creative way to wind down from the daily grind. Look for Jen’s craft cocktail posts about once a month, or whenever the mood strikes her.


    PS Jen is also a completely bad-ass crafter and is always working on a cool project. From time to time, we will share these as well if they cross over to entertaining. Enjoy!