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Private Chef Services for Leelanau & Grand Traverse Counties

Mindful Hospitality

Epicure Culinary offers full-service private chef and personal chef services.  Dinners for up to 25 guests, as well as drop-off service for up to 75 guests is available in Leelanau and Grand Traverse Counties.  Epicure creates a memorable dining experience by emphasizing delicious local fare and facilitating authentic, meaningful interaction among guests. 

Each private chef menu is customized for your event, highlighting the season’s offerings and the event’s vision. Many factors are taken into account when writing the menu for your event. Seasonality, the occasion, the event’s formality, dietary preferences, allergy accommodations, and location are all considered.

Epicure’s philosophy for food and entertaining is simple. It is undeniably rooted in reverence for farmers and a desire to create memorable dining experiences. Delicious fare and authentic, mindful interaction between guests are the cornerstones of a meaningful event. These are the focus of Epicure’s personal chef offerings. Nutritious selections are sourced from Leelanau County and the Grand Traverse region. Epicure then transforms them into thoughtful and flavorful personal chef preparations for you and your loved ones. Furthermore, styling and presentation is something Epicure truly enjoys; and working with clients to incorporate visual elements and thoughtful hospitality into the guest experience

Private chef menus are markedly shaped by relationships with producers in the area. The menus are emphatically inspired by design, world travel, color, flavor, and texture.  

Epicure Culinary specializes in intimate events.  Focusing on events of 25 guests or less offers the ability to bring mindful hospitality to each client interaction.

Are you interested in services outside of Leelanau County or Grand Traverse County? Epicure also offers travel chef services. Please reach out if you have a need for our services, regardless of location.

Want to learn more? Contact Epicure Culinary.


sticky toffee bundt cake made by Traverse City personal chef

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