Rabbit Hunt | Beaver Island

  1. March 3, 2014


    Last Winter, Andy had the unique opportunity to go on a hunting trip to Beaver Island. Beaver Island is an island off the Northwest coast of Northern Michigan and is about 54 square miles in area. Accessible by plane or ferry from Charlevoix, Beaver Island is most popular as a summer destination, but offers fantastic small game hunting in the Winter.

    This particular trip was a rabbit hunt. One of the hunters who invited Andy has a cabin on the island and has been coming to Beaver Island since he was born. The group drove up to Charlevoix, then flew over to the island.

    There are about 8 guys who go on the trip. Many of the hunters are cooks; there is a large emphasis on honoring the animal and eating each animal taken. Days are spent out in the woods and evenings are spent around the wood stove, laughing and sharing food and drink.

    The group made the trek this year as well. As this winter has been far more bitter, the hunt was not quite as fruitful and the group ended up getting stuck on the Beaver Island a few extra days (which they were thrilled about!). The added down-time on the trip allowed them time to visit Mark Valente, who has lived on the island since 1978.

    Mark Valente is a furrier and owner of Flattail Furs, along with Lisa Green. With their combined skill sets, the pair produces beautiful mittens, headbands, hats and jewelry. Check out their Etsy shop (the mittens are awesome!).

    The images below are actually from last year’s trip. This year, the visibility was so poor that the hunting and photography opportunities were limited. Regardless, getting to hunt snowshoe hare on Beaver Island is a unique opportunity not afforded to many…and one I thought worthy of sharing.