Restaurant inspired wedding design | Alicia Caldecott

  1. September 15, 2014

    I’ve been working with the brains and beauty that is Alicia Caldecott (owner, A Day in May, Event Planning & Design) for close to a decade. And for the sake of full disclosure, I am one of her partners in a side project called Simply Blue Weddings. Dynamic, spunky, smart and fun, she is implementing event designs in Northern Michigan which are unique in the truest sense of the word, and have been recognized by top leaders in the event industry. Catering these events always challenges our tiny company in a way that simply doesn’t happen in our normal scope of work. I love her for trusting us with her vision and truly appreciate the sweet clients who value her experience in creating an unbelievable experience for the guest.

    Kim & Mark7Kim and Mark are some of those sweet clients. After attending sixteen ( ! ) weddings in one year, they longed for something different for their own big day. Their courtship involved lingering over many memorable meals with fantastic conversation, fine food and wine. Dining out was one of their favorite things to do with one another, so this was the key element Alicia focused on when designing the dining experience for their wedding.

    Kim & Mark 7Have you ever seen a dining tent with an open, restaurant style kitchen? Me neither! When Alicia shared the concept with me about a year before the event, I was blown away. It was brilliant! We worked closely with the team at A Day in May Events to communicate our needs in terms of kitchen space and functionality. As the dining tent was surrounded by mature hardwoods on all sides, the guests were immersed in an experience with all the amenities and vibe of a fine dining restaurant, with all the natural beauty that Northern Michigan has to offer. It was the best of all worlds rolled into one. The menu was designed to maximize the time the guests were seated, encouraging conversation over fine food and drink, just as Kim and Mark intended.

    Kim & Mark 27We come into contact with a lot of amazingly talented and creative people in this industry. Alicia is a standout – a gift! – and one I am thankful for every day. Her designs are innovative and logistically very difficult yet executed with seemingly effortless precision. I don’t tell her enough how she blows me away with the experiences she creates for the guests, which is the ultimate test of those of us in the hospitality industry. So…thank you Alicia for all you do, and thank you for including us on the wild ride. Cheers! xo

    Passed Appetizers:

     Carlsons smoked whitefish in a cucumber roll with fresh dill and horseradish creme fraiche

    Crostini trio with country pate, aged raclette with local fava bean puree, heirloom tomato and herb mash

    Local rabbit braised in shiitake sherry cream wrapped in puff pastry

     Stationary Appetizers:

    Grassfields Gouda, Zingerman’s Manchester, and Wisconsin buttermilk blue with

    local produce, honey, candied nuts, and compotes

      Plated Courses:


    Poached, marinated Lake Superior Walleye served cold with pine nuts, pink peppercorns  and green onion- parsley oil, served with rose pesto crostini


    Local grilled apricots, Leelanau Cheese Fromage Blanc, pistachios, mint/basil vinaigrette

    Local rolls and fennel honey


    Leelanau Cheese Fromage Blanc ravioli with black pepper with heirloom tomato brodo and microgreens


    Braised local beef shanks with morel risotto, local green beans


    House made trifle with lemon sponge cake, local maple whipped cream, mixed fresh berries

     Dessert station:

    Pie station with locally made strawberry-rhubarb, cherry and mixed berry pies

    Kim & Mark 34

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