Sunday supper | Bare Knuckle Farm

  1. September 26, 2013

    Of course, it is exciting so I’ll start with the menu. There is more text about the dinner below the images.

     To Start:

    Roasted potatoes with dill cream

    For Dinner:

    Beet and buttermilk terrine with radishes and horseradish-lardo vinaigrette

    Tomato bread salad with corn, zucchini and cucumbers

    Grilled sausage with blue corn polenta, kale, carrots and roasted red pepper-eggplant relish

    Idyll Farms goat cheese with fennel chickpeas, melon and chili oil

    For Dessert:

    White peaches and cream with brown butter sea salt cookies













    Every once in a great while, our crew takes a Sunday afternoon off. What better way to spend it than to attend a farm to table (table being literally at the farm) Sunday Supper at Bare Knuckle Farm?

    Bare Knuckle Farm was established in 2009 by Jess Piskor and Abra Berens. We get the majority of our stunningly gorgeous produce from the team at Bare Knuckle, and we have them to thank for making our job of presenting food beautifully that much easier.

    Bare Knuckle Farm sits in an idyllic valley near Northport, MI. Although the farm has been in active cultivation with cherries and chestnuts for over a century, the frosty valley floor does not lend itself to tree crops, making the way for Jess and Abra to plant everything from potatoes and herbs to corn, radish, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, hearty greens and more. Jess handles the majority of the gardens while Abra uses her cooking skills honed at Ballymaloe to produce stellar farm-to-table cuisine. Simple, delicious food that is served as close to its source as possible. What could be better?

    We were thrilled to break bread at Bare Knuckle Farm, and recommend you take the time to not only visit this special place, but meet these magnificent people and take part in their delicious, lovingly grown and mindfully prepared cuisine.